• China Valves companies need to master the international market right to speak 03 Sep, 2020

    There is a statistic from foreign industrial countries is quite interesting: these countries valves value exceeds the sum of the compressor, fan and pump three output value, accounting for 5% of the machinery industry output. A phenomenon in these countries is more intriguing: In recent years the flow valve on the hot international markets from China's valve products more and more, but the right to speak in the international valve market is not in the hands of Chinese enterprises.

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  • FAQ For Use the valve 03 Sep, 2020

    For single-core, when the medium is a stream-open, the valve stability; flow when the medium is closed, the stability of the valve poor. There are two spool valve seat under the spool in the flow closed, the valve is open flow, so that when the small opening, the flow of closed type valve spool is easy to cause vibration, which is the seat valve the reason can not be used where small opening.

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  • Tube & wire exhibition in Germany 03 Sep, 2020

    Our booth G 10-2 on Hall 7 from 2020-MAR-30th to 2020-APR-3rd. We will attend Tube & wire exhibition in Germany in March 2020 from 2020-MAR-30th to 2020-APR-3rd in Germany, our booth No. G 10-2 on Hall 7,welcome new and old freinds visit us.

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